One Week Later

So I arrived last Monday, and have thusly completed a full circle upside down and in the future. THAT’S HOW IT WORKS OVER HERE, GUYS.


‘it’s the way of the future’

Some observations are in order now I guess, since I have this blog of things that no one will read.

Living in the future is fun! Also skipping my birthday because I transported a day ahead was great. Just ask 25 year old me again next year when I (finally) turn 26! What a time we live in.

The food here is great. I had the best chai latte I’ve ever had in my entire life yesterday, as seen below for proof. I’ve also had German, Thai, Malaysian, and some truly bomb seafood. They bake the bread at the grocery store into animal shapes. It’s heavenly.

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not posed at all pinky promise

Speaking of the grocery stores, they- and every store- are all in shopping malls. As someone who sort of generally dislikes marketing and being marketed to and would rather do shopping online or at boutique stores that sell stuff like colored paper and kitschy erasers and candles that are supposed to smell like different books, this was pretty disconcerting at first. But it is pretty convenient to go to the gym, buy the socks you’ve forgotten, and then pick up dinner on each story as you head back down to the bus stop. Not to mention all the horizontal space you can save for other stuff. Which, in Sydney, just happens to be more stores..

And thank you for having a working transit system! Even though I may have taken a scary thrilling bus ride down to the docks and into a Gangs of New York scene, I love being able to take the bus to basically anywhere in the city. Which is only really necessary when it rains, because everything is within a beautiful 40 minute walk.


Hey rain, thanks for my dislocated shoulder! And thanks Australia¬†for only costing $74 for me to see a doc, most of which is going to be covered by the insurance you made me get before coming here (good looking out). The American health care system has scared me out of seeing a doctor unless something is actively causing me to lose a significant (read: 2/3) amount of blood or I am missing a part of my body that should be attached, so it’s nice to not live in fear of thousand dollar hospital visits.

Why are your Burger Kings called “Hungry Jack’s”? I dunno, mate. It’s just creepy. I haven’t been to a BK in probably two decades though so you do you.

I wish your toilets had a handle that could be flushed with my foot, though. Every toilet has the low/high flow top buttons which I’ve started to press with my elbows, but this still kind of gives me the willies. I just don’t want to touch your public toilets with my fingertips, yeah?


a non-reassuring sign at the aquarium

But so far everything has been just peachy. I’ve visited the Botanic Gardens, the Sydney Library, the Opera House, the Museum of Modern Art, the Aquarium and lots of fantastic statues. I’ve consumed lots of food and may actually tolerate some kinds of coffee. I’ve befriended the cat that lives in our complex. We are moving to a place Sat that costs per week what I was paying per month in Austin. Next week we visit Melbourne and at the end of the month New Zealand. I skyped with my dog today and he remembered my voice.

here’s a few pics of my adventures. you can also check me out on IG under kv1080.


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// so far so good //

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