Okay, this title and its use of Latin roots is a little misleading. But only a little.

After leaving Bali I headed to Malaysia with the following basic itinerary:

  • Land in Kuala Lumpur. Spend two nights at Sunshine Bedz Hostel, since I dislike big cities and that would be enough time to visit the few ‘must see’ things on my list.
  • Grab the jungle train to Jerantut and trek through the Taman Negara National Forest for three days/two nights. Don’t get malaria, dengue, or dysentery.
  • Take the jungle train on from there to the Perhentian Islands for to submerse myself 24/7 underwater for $20 a dive and sleep in the wreckage of an abandoned hotel on the sandy outskirts. Beachside burgers and beers a plenty.
  • Fly out to Chiang Mai with my underwater lust fully satiated and bum around Thailand until it was elephant time.

When booking this six weeks Malaysia was definitely an afterthought. I had planned on going to Bali and volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park and that was pretty much it. All the places and sights around it were left up to the whims of the travelling universe, which is the way I like it best. To get to the above itinerary I’d done some cursory Googling and found lots of conflicting information on the jungle train track, parts of which had been washed away in some floods in previous years and would be operational again in late February. In a similar vein, the islands were deep in monsoon season and mostly closed down. Some parts were still open, along with a hostel, so I figured it I could hedge my chances and get away with it.



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